2022 Vol. 49, No. 1

Special Issue on Advanced laser manufacturing & new applicationsⅠ

Guest Editor: Kaichen Xu (Zhejiang University), Lingfei Ji (Beijing University of Technology), and Zhigang Wu (Huazhong University of Technology)

Cover story: Yang Q, Cheng Y, Fang Z, et al. The preparation and applications of bio-inspired slippery surface by femtosecond laser micro-nano manufacturing[J]. Opto-Electron Eng, 2022, 49(1): 210326

Nepenthes pitcher plant is a tropical insectivorous plant which is able to trap and digest insects. This unique property is mainly due to the rich micro/nano porous structures on the surfaces filled with a layer of lubricating, thus forming a slippery liquid-infused porous surface (SLIPS). Due to the fluidity of the lubricant, it can timely flow to the surface defects caused by external force and help recover the favorable slippery property. Methods to prepare SLIPS are mostly based on the three parts: fabrication of micro/nano-structures, low surface energy treatment and lubricant infusion. The fabrication of rough structure is the essential part during the process. Femtosecond laser has the ultra-short pulse width and ultra-high peak power, so it can process the majority of materials with high processing accuracy and strong controllability. Therefore, femtosecond laser has become a powerful tool for preparing the micro/nano-structure on the SLIPS. In this paper, we focus on the preparation of SLIPS on different materials by femtosecond laser, including polymers, hard and brittle transparent materials, and metals. Then, the application of SLIPS is summarized in the fields of droplet bubble manipulation, biological anticoagulation, anti-fouling, and corrosion prevention. Finally, challenges of slippery surfaces were summarized.


2024 Vol. 51, No. 3

ISSN (Print) 1003-501X
ISSN (Online) 2097-4019
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Prof. Xiangang Luo
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