2022 Vol. 1, No. 4

Cover story: Serpetzoglou E, Konidakis I, Kourmoulakis G, Demeridou I, Chatzimanolis K et al. Charge carrier dynamics in different crystal phases of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite. Opto-Electron Sci 1, 210005 (2022)

Despite that organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites have attracted enormous scientific attention for energy conversion applications over the recent years, the influence of temperature and the type of the employed hole transport layer (HTL) on the charge carrier dynamics and recombination processes in perovskite photovoltaic devices is still largely unexplored. In particular, significant knowledge is missing on how these crucial parameters for radiative and non-radiative recombination, as well as for efficient charge extraction vary among different perovskite crystalline phases that are induced by temperature variation.

This cover paper provides an overview on how the charge carrier dynamics vary with respect to the crystalline phase of the organic-inorganic perovskite. It presents micro photoluminescence (μPL) and ultrafast time resolved transient absorption spectroscopy (TAS) results in a reference Glass/Perovskite architecture and two different Glass/ITO/HTL/Perovskite configurations at temperatures below room temperature. The objective of this work is to probe and shed light on the charge carrier dynamics of different perovskite crystalline phases, while considering also the effect of the employed HTL polymer. Interestingly enough, the article reports evidence that the charge carrier dynamics at low temperatures, are not only affected by the employed hole transport layer, but in addition are strongly correlated to the different perovskite crystal phases. It is believed that the new insights of this article pave the way towards the design of more efficient and stable PSCs, particularly for low temperature applications, such as the use of PSCs in satellites or in space stations. More importantly, this article demonstrates the validity of TAS as a figure of merit technique on shedding light on the physical origins and mechanisms within and from the perovskite active layers, that are the key component of PSC devices.


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