2022 Vol. 49, No. 2

Special Issue on Advanced laser manufacturing & new applications Ⅱ

Guest Editor: Kaichen Xu (Zhejiang University), Lingfei Ji (Beijing University of Technology), and Zhigang Wu (Huazhong University of Technology)

Cover story: Zhang C, Li M, Ye B C, et al. Electrons dynamics control micro-hole drilling using temporally/spatially shaped femtosecond laser[J]. Opto-Electron Eng, 2022, 49(2): 210389 . 

As a common structure, microholes are widely used in various fields, including biomedical, aerospace, 3D packaging and so on. Femtosecond laser has unique advantages in drilling high-quality microhole due to its ultra-short pulse duration and ultra-high peak power. This review covers temporally/spatially shaped femtosecond laser microhole drilling methods and their applications over the past decade, including femtosecond laser temporally/spatially shaped methods, temporally/spatially shaped femtosecond laser microhole drilling based on electrons dynamics control, and the applications of microhole in transmittance enhancement and anti-reflection, material cutting, oil/water separation, fog collection and gas collection. Furthermore, present challenges and future research opportunities in this field are analyzed.


2024 Vol. 51, No. 3

ISSN (Print) 1003-501X
ISSN (Online) 2097-4019
CN 51-1346/O4
Prof. Xiangang Luo
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