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Advanced Fiber Laser Conference 2020
Published at: : 2020-10-21 17:49:58   (View:2573)

Advanced Fiber Laser Conference 2020


The International Advanced Fiber Laser (AFL) Conference is a preeminent special conference for fiber laser, bringing together professionals engaged in advanced fiber laser to make academic communications, and providing a platform for scientists and engineers to present prospective viewpoint and probe into key technologies. The themes of the conference include the wide range of fields for fiber laser research and applications, such as fiber and fiber based device, high power fiber laser, ultrafast fiber laser and nonlinear fiber optics, mid-infrared fiber laser and fiber supercontinuum, fiber laser combination, and fiber laser application, as well as a selection of fourpropelled special sessions, including Young Scientist Forum, Simulation Software for Fiber Laser, Industrial Application Forum for Fiber Laser and Best Student Paper Award Competition. More details can be found on the AFL Conference website. It's our great honor to invite you to participate in this great event.


The Chinese Society for Optical Engineering
National University of Defense Technology

Conference Date: 6-8 November 2020

Conference Location: Changsha City, Hunan Province, China


November 6, all day: Registration, Concurrent Activities

November 7, am: Plenary speech

November 7, pm and November 8, all day: Invited talks of the sub-topics

Topic 1: Fiber and fiber based device

Laser fiber design and fabrication

Design, fabrication, and characterization of specialty optical fibers

Fiber-based components and devices

Topic 2: High power fiber laser

High power CW and pulsed fiber lasers

High powerRaman fiber lasers

High power narrow-linewidth and single-frequency fiber lasers

Other types of high power fiber lasers

Mode instability in high power fiber laser

Beam characterization for high power fiber laser

Pump sources for high power fiber laser

Topic 3: Ultrafast fiber laser and nonlinear fiber optics

Ultrafast fiber laser 

Nonlinear effects and dynamics in fiber

Raman fiber laser

Topic 4: Mid-infrared fiber laser and fiber SC

Mid-IRCW and pulsed fiber lasers at 1.9~3 um

Mid-IRCW and pulsed fiber lasers at 3~4 um

2-D materials in mid-IR range and their applications in mid-IR fiber lasers

Mid-IR SC and SSFS generation

Design and fabrication of mid-IR glass fiber

Novel mid-IR fiber based devices

Topic 5: Beam combination of fiber lasers

High power fiber laser coherent combination

High power fiber laser spectral combination

Other high power fiber laser combination

Research on high performance device for high power fiber laser combination

Topic 6: Fiber laser application

High energy fiber laser applications in manufacturing and material processing

Single-frequency fiber laser applications in sensing, metrology, LIDARs and cooling

Fiber laser applicationsin imaging, illumination and free-space communication

Special fiber laser applications



Chinese Society for Optical Engineering: Fangfang Cai

National University of Defense Technology: Jiangming Xu
Email: AFL@csoe.org.cn
Tel: +86-022-58168541

For more information, please visit the website https://b2b.csoe.org.cn/meeting/AFL2020.html