Guidelines for Reviewers
Published at: : 2018-11-10 14:27:13   (View:1099)

Reviewers are expected to give estimates of the scientific value of the work, together with some basis for their opinion. The goal should be to complete a thoughtful and timely review. Consider the type of review that could help you improve one of your papers. Personal comments should be avoided. Please be as specific as possible if revision by the author is recommended. 

    Consider these questions:
• Is the work an original contribution?
• Is the author’s approach reasonable? 
• Are the conclusions adequately supported by the data presented?
• Is the manuscript appropriate for the journal?
• Does the manuscript advance the field in a substantive way?
• Check that all necessary references, equations, and background materials are present and correct.
• Be very clear on what action(s) you want the author to take based on your comments. You may want the author to:
1) Do nothing.
2) Perform optional changes. In this case your suggestions might improve the manuscript in some way.
3) Perform required changes. In this case there are serious problems in the manuscript requiring minor or major revisions that must be addressed before you would recommend publication.

    Please submit your review to the editor through ScholarOne online submission system.

   Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers(PDF)