Supplemental Material
Published at: : 2018-11-10 13:40:54   (View:1276)

OEA allow authors to include supplementary materials as integral parts of a manuscript. Supplemental Material is sent for peer-review along with the manuscript, so any such files should be uploaded as you (re)submit your manuscript using ScholarOne online submission system.

    Supplemental Material can include some text, tables or figures which are of value, but of too limited reader interest, and material not suitable for the printed journal (e.g., video). Any Supplemental Material should be cited clearly in the manuscript. 

    Sometimes, Supplemental Material files do not come into play until a manuscript is resubmitted. When you resubmit a manuscript, you will be given the opportunity to include Supplemental Material files.

    Please note that direct web submissions face a limit on the size of accepted files or packages (currently 30 MB) - please use compression when transmitting your files.