A skilled inspector: the medical applications of terahertz technology  

Terahertz wave (0.1~10 THz) has the characteristics of large molecular fingerprint identification, low photon energy and high penetrability, and has a very important application prospect in the field of high sensitivity detection. Terahertz is located between microwave and infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum. As spectrum technology and the development of the portable spectrometer, and terahertz sensing technology become important high sensitivity, high efficiency of the biological and chemical detection means, in the biological medicine, quality control, security defense, environmental monitoring and aerospace prospects in areas such as open. Treatment of the disease from diagnosis, THz wave by identifying the water content of diseased tissue and normal tissue and structure differences, like a skilled inspector, has the capacity to help doctor to make an accurate diagnosis, and act a distinctive part in human health.

Terahertz band in the electromagnetic spectrum

    The terms of Hou Minmin, an associate professor in West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, corporated with the university of electronic science and technology of terahertz science and technology innovation center, summarized the terahertz applications in the field of biological sensing detection. They put forward the cavity using terahertz metamaterials interaction on the specific manifestations of tumor markers with high sensitivity. Under the funding of the key laboratory fund of sichuan province, the research group carried out the research on the technology of terahertz unmarked biological microdiffusion. Lan Feng put forward that in hyper surface structure resonance cavity enhanced interaction is introduced into the micro flow, using trace changes much resonance absorption characteristics caused by liquid samples achieve high sensitivity of the sensor. The method using high quality factor of resonance absorption and the strong local field form the THz wave combined with biological molecules affinity, through the diseased cells protein structure changes caused by different testing terahertz absorption effect, early diagnosis and early treatment of tumors is expected to become the efficient detection means. Group has developed a variety of micro flow sensor chip, different concentrations of bovine serum albumin (BSA) test results show that the sensor has high sensitivity, high efficiency and high reliability.

About Team
Introduction of Hou Minmin associate professor’s team, West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University
The term’s research field involve in uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and other department of gynaecology common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment. Team members include associate professor Hou Minmin and a number of doctoral students. Hou Minmin, an associate professor is CSCCP youth committee, youth member of China association of maternity and child care reproductive health care, sichuan and chengdu Wuhou district maternal and child health services experts, and attended many international and domestic large conference. Team at home and abroad journals published more than 30 papers, including SCI more than 10, 1 existing patents, participated in and the teaching material more works and the main researching participating countries, 863 provincial department of science research.

Introduction of Terahertz university of electronic science and technology innovation center 
The team is involve in terahertz high sensitivity detection and terahertz wavefront regulation. The team is composed of several young and middle-aged teachers, including associate professor Lan Feng, doctors and master students, under the leadership of academician Liu Shenggang. They have published more than 50 SCI papers in Nano Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, Physics of Plasmas, Optical Materials and so on, applied 15 patent authorized (3 items), and won science and technology progress third prize.

Ye H, Xi M R, Cao H Y, et al. Applications of terahertz technology in medical science and research progress[J]. Opto-Electronic Engineering, 2018, 45(5): 170528.
DOI: 10.12086/oee.2018.170528